Don’t Call Me Resilient

Widespread use of Ozempic for weight loss could change how we view fatness

Episode Summary

In this episode of Don't Call Me Resilient, we are joined by fat and disability studies professor Fady Shanouda, who examines anti-fat bias in medicine. As the use of Ozempic, a drug for diabetes, slams into the mainstream as a weight-loss method, will the drug’s use impact our concept of fatness? And how does fatness intersect with race and class?

Episode Notes

It seems like everyone you talk to has considered taking Ozempic, the drug originally created as a diabetes treatment, but now being used as a weight-loss method.

Ever since it arrived in Canada, it’s been in incredibly high demand.

While Ozempic may be just the next in a long line of get-thin-quick fads, the drug’s shortages have disproportionate impacts on racialized communities. So do the weight-loss goals that undergird those shortages.